About Us

When Just30Fit was founded in 2008, I have a different vision in mind. At that time, I understood how important physical exercise was for the body as it relates to heart health, decreasing the risk of health disparities, etc. I also recognized that when you would ask someone why they didn’t exercise, the number one answer was always, I don’t have time. That’s why my tagline was Take a little me time. It was to encourage people that taking time to exercise, is taking time for yourself. It’s not taking away from all the other responsibilities; exercise increases energy levels and helps with mental clarity which will help you accomplish all of your responsibilities. Though the health benefits of physical exercise and movement are still valid today, it’s so much more than that. As we sit in 2022, my understanding of health and wellness has increased significantly. I understand the singular importance of mental health and how not focusing on your mental health might manifest itself in poor physical health and often financial health if left untreated. It is with that understanding that I am doing a relaunch of Just30Fit.
You can access some of the videos, which will give you more insight into my revelation, or my awakening if you will. But the long and short of it is, mental health, is Health. Physical health is health. Financial health is health. That’s why my new tagline is, it’s all health as a relates to these three pillars. You can think about them as a symbiotic relationship. Time spent nurturing one, will manifest change in one, if not both, of the other two pillars.