About Rob

Rob has over 30 years of combined leadership experience, spanning both the military and the corporate sector. While some leaders’ path has been a straight line up, Rob’s path has been different. He has learned through his failures, trials, and adversity. Through it all, he remained committed to becoming the best version of himself. This commitment is what has shaped him into the leader we see today. Rob’s passion for being a “people developer” is undeniable. Though Rob has been often recognized for his courage, resilience, and ability to solve complex problems, he is most known for being a leader who is empathic and listens. One who is flexible and collaborative. And for being transparent when communicating, has helped him garner the trust of his teams, business partners, and other leaders.

It is Rob’s personal and professional experiences that have enabled him to be successful as both a leader and whole health coach. People allow what they have gone through to define who are, but Rob believes they should allow it to shape who they are. That requires a mindset shift and that’s what Rob specializes in!!

Rob in his words “I managed to fail up, because I looked at each failure as a lesson that I needed to learn. The key is not to repeat the class.”

No matter where you find yourself personally or professionally, Rob can help you identify your blind spots and give you some tools to help you achieve your goals.

Helping You Be Happy With The Person Looking Back At You In The Mirror